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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Look Up

At times it's hard to realize you haven't looked up from all the swirling dust you've been creating. And when you do you think wow, is it really that long since I blogged, do i even need to blog did anyone miss me or is it like a tree silently swaying, one amongst millions of stops and no one notices except the life teaming on it. To the insects, and spiders, and fungi and squirrels it's like the world stopped and they're all waiting to be flung off.

I realized while checking out my member bio in The Enchanted Inkpot and finding I only had this blog listed there and not even my Twitter account or FB, that I should at the very least write a new post. But what do I find everything's changed!! Blogger is so much easier now, you don't even have to html in your links!

So, recap of a year - now SCBWI ARA, written two picture books, on the fourth draft of my YA, joined a crit group, dropped a crit group, joined another crit group - who are lovely. Sent off some poetry, road tripped around the South West and rediscovered my love of South West cuisine especially Navajo bread, met loads of amazing writers and book sellers, started tutoring kids in creative writing, and social networking for SCBWI and Towne Center Books

Basically, I got into a stress cocoon for a while trying to juggle everything and find time to write and now...I can see the light through the trees. I'm back on track.

The YA I started writing in 2010 and put down many times is back with a vengeance!
The title? SNOWPOCALYPS - why I missed the zombie party.

Yes, that is a total teaser! More coming soon - much sooner than the last wait!

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