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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Master Baker and The Owl

Gearing up for back to school means a sudden realization that I need to clear a backlog of stuff. You know all that stuff that I was so sure I'd have plenty of time to do over the summer, like designing and printing up a new selection of cards. I began yesterday with one of my favorite owls. In my mind he looks huge and takes up the whole card.

It was going to be easy-peasy. But after three attempts that looked more like little old men perching on a tree I realized it was not going to that simple. Anyway - here he is, the finished product except this one is grey-pink like a snow cloud and the end result will be pale, pale grey like a snowy day.

Meanwhile...Luka has been baking up a storm which is great as he seems to have a talent with extremely buttery, chocolatey, sugary baked goods. This summer he baked; an apple streusel pie, chocolate hazelnut cookies, edible mess (homemade meringue raspberry puree, cream, mascarpone), thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies, cherry linzer slices, chewy speculaas blondies, and orange and lemon cake. Fortunately we have plenty of willing takers as a master baker in a family of three is not the best situation for healthy eating!

So back to getting ready for next week..the other thing on my list - write a picture book because that's so easy right? A few words here a few words there. Seriously, I know it's not like that but I did think if I started at the beginning I might have something by the end. But I've been a slack bunny and didn't really get inspired until I heard Jon Klassen's amazing talk at SCBWI LA.

Here is an animated trailer for his most widely recognizable book...

My picture book is in the dummying out stage. It's got the basic page structure but I'll be perfecting the language over the next month or so.

I just made it sound like there were only two things on my list, of course that would be bonkers! I was supposed to read great classics, tour America, teach summer school, redesign the vegetable garden, reorganize cupboards and such mundane things.

We did do a 3000 mile road trip, see War Horse, visit lovely dear friends in Sonoma, and visit the city. I did finally read Heart of Darkness, and half of Wolf Hall - not a classic I know, but so fun to read an adult book! I taught summer school which was fun. Dystopia was extra special - awesome kids!

This is Monument Valley - I'll share more in the coming weeks, and throw some up on Pintrest!

Alas, only one cupboard sorted the rest can wait 'till Christmas break! From now on it's back to BLACKOUT (previously GLIMMER, THE ICE BETWEEN ICE and GREEN SKIES) hey maybe I should just call it Lottie for now!

My goal is - October for the next draft! Why are you laughing?

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