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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Parrack Prints!!

Parrack Prints
Not the most subtle of names but hey - I didn't have a lot of time and who knew that if your new company didn't have your name in it there was a dance with red tape required - three spins and some pr? Exactly neither did I.

I have started a new company selling cards with haiku inside - I know crazy idea but, it's based on two years of people - well friends and family admiring the cards I hand made for them each year. And as the writing is such a slow business, and making cards is not, it seemed very appealing!

So, I started designing my pagan animal selection...

And it is such a natural progression. I had no idea when I started how much fun it would be to come up with a concept - design it, write a haiku, and it's done! Hooray. This creative hands on type of work partners the deep thinking, and focus and tortuously slow journey of writing! Even better, as these haiku are not in my book - DAWN IN THE TWILIGHT GARDEN - a haiku journey through a suburban garden at dawn, with added non-fiction notes and a how to haiku section - which is totally for sale and right now resting on various publishers desks (okay maybe slush piles is more accurate!) I can share the card haiku's here!

Hedgehog - how I miss them!

Snuffling prickle ball,
Searching for slugs, bead eyes bright,
Shadow in the night.

And here's another sample ...
Silent as the moon,
Watching from the old oak tree,
Sentry of the night.

The animal cards are now selling at Towne Center Books and READ at Blackhawk, and soon via Etsy - give me two weeks then look for it under Parrack Prints.

Then my friend asked me to make some especially for her yoga studio retail space - so of course I did. And I love them , in fact I never would have thought to make them but they were very therapeutic because these needed yoga haikus! Is it haiku or haikus?

These are specially available at Down Town Yoga Pleasanton.

She liked these so much she ordered an OM. I at first, being a heathen, had no idea what she was talking about but I did my research and came up with this...

And this....
Hum in harmony
The scared incantation
I am existence

Which is really rather soothing! So now I'm going to yoga again - something I stopped six years ago, I'm writing a lot of poetry and I'm almost done with draft 3 of THE ICE BETWEEN US.

Coincidentally I was invited to speak at two Pleasanton elementary schools over the last two weeks. The first as a reader reading poetry for poetry month. This was a riot as I got to share my haiku and read Roald Dahl to a crowd of 1st - 5th graders - you can never loose a kid with a line like - Cinderella whips a pistol from her knickers! And the following week back to Walnut Grove Breakfast Book Club, where I co-started a book club four years ago! I talked and read and co-wrote haiku with an audience of very enthusiastic poets. Both events were pretty magical.

So, sorry about the shameless self promotion but hey, it's not everyday that everything collides!

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Congratulations on all the "colliding"!