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Friday, February 3, 2012

Cheating & competitions but not cheating in competitions!

Okay, strictly this isn't cheating, it's how to get myself to work without feeling depressed/desperate/like I can't write/bored/distracted.

One of my many New Year's resolutions was to have more fun & laugh more. I'm applying this to my writing. So I'm sitting writing on my couch, bare toes wriggling in the sun, and while I write I'm listening to some of my favorite music. I know lots of writers do this, and it does help set the mood - I mean what's better for writing a novel set in Tahoe than listening to Kate Bush's new album, 50 Words for Snow? But some of the music is just plain raucous and makes me SMILE and sometimes I even sing along. When I'm in full writing flow I don't even hear the music but I need that little cheat to get going!

This is today's music list: Andrew Bird , Lykke Li , Grimes , Kate Bush , Bjork , Feist and finally Beth Orton . It's a long play list punctuated only by my cat Mimi's pleading to be let out!!

BTW did you see Bjork on The Colbert Report? Love, love, love her.
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Okay, COMPETITIONS! I think I shared that I'd entered some.. No word yet BUT I am going to give out books on WORLD BOOK NIGHT - yay, for that! I'll be giving them to teen parents at THE HORIZON school in Pleasanton. You can apply to give out books to light or non readers here... WORLD BOOK NIGHT

This one is open until Feb 5th - so HURRY! Amazon and Penguin have teamed up to find a Break Out YA Novel - winner gets a Penguin contract. - Good luck! Details here Amazon/Penguin

There's a great opportunity to PITCH to a closed agency. Tricia Lawrence, Erin Murphy Literary agency's newest agent is opening up her mail box for a short window from Feb 13-17th... PITCH DETAILS

My YA novel, GREEN SKIES is has suddenly gained momentum and is marching along at break neck speed, okay, almost - a chapter a day isn't too bad! Plus I've reached that part when the main characters whisper to me while I'm writing - heaven.

Finally for inspiration on your glum writing days I leave you with this blog I stumbled across today -- Distraction no. 99 - Guest bloggers post about their turning points as writers.


From Carols Quill said...

Green Skies? Is that the name of your tahoe novel?

Great post, Keely.

Keely said...

Thanks Carol, yes it is Green Skies for now, but I actually like Fear of Snow - what do you think?